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Join the community! Read about the different volunteer teams here

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Do you want to join?

As a volunteer at the Youth Democracy Festival, you will get to meet others who are also engaged in democracy, young people, society and festivals. Besides the volunteer community, you will get new friends, free access to the festival site, food and drinks during your shift, YDF-merchandice and an invitation to our volunteer party!

Are you joining with a friend? Note it in your application, and we will make sure you are given the same shifts. 


We are looking forward to seeing you in Valbyparken!


The Youth Democracy Festival is a free and non-profit democracy festival that aims to inspire young people to actively participate in society. At YDF there is both room for new thinking, big dreams and dialogue about what today's society is and what wishes we have for the future.

As a volunteer, you become part of a large community with a good mood and great creativity. You get an insight into how pop-up democracy is run on a large scale, and you get to experience some of the greatest voices.

We provide delicious food, snacks and coffee, nice YDF'23 clothes and invite you to a party after the festival. The most important thing is that you get some completely unforgettable days filled with challenging and exciting tasks in the company of a large team of interesting and committed people.

You can sign up for our different teams and take either a single shift or several. Every volunteer have at least an 8 hour shift, but you can always work more if you love volunteering! 

We have volunteers of all ages, and both volunteers who come alone and volunteers who go together. So take your friends and family with you and help organize the Youth Democracy Festival 2023 in Valbyparken!

We are looking forward to meeting you in Valbyparken!



This team physically brings the whole festival to its feet! You work before and/or after YDF, which means you have plenty of time to enjoy the festival itself.


You will work with setting up and/or unpacking stages, stalls and tents.

Do you want to experience and be a part of making a festival happen? Do you like to build or do you want to learn? Are you ready to make a lot of like-minded friends? Then this team is just right for you!

Shifts are between September 1th and 6th or September 8th and 10th, approximately for 8 hours.


Be part of creating a good environment for your fellow volunteers at YDF. You will ensure the check-in of your fellow volunteers, serve food and drink to those in need and make a cozy and good atmosphere in the volunteervillage.

By being part of the volunteer village, you learn how a festival works backstage! You will help with catering for your volunteer colleagues, while at the same time you will create good social contacts.


If you love meeting new people, having fun at the same time as volunteering, then this team is perfect for you.

Shifts are on September 6th or 7th, approximately for 8 hours.



The team that works with internal and external information and service. Here you will try manning our information booth on the square, servicing stall holders, keeping a big overview of the square and helping the festival-goers with everything from A to Z.

At the same time, the team helps with many other different things, such as picking up/buying things in town, helping the stall holders or food trucks to keep everything running smoothly, coordinating phone calls to the festival and other runner tasks.

If you are service minded, and want to help the festival goers and have versatile work tasks, then you will fit perfectly into the team. You will be the "face of the festival" and gain knowledge on a lot of different aspects of the festival, as the questions are many. Don't worry, we are here to help you answer them all!

Shifts are on September 6th or 7th, approximately for 8 hours.


Do you love racing around in a small electrical golf-car? Do you care about sorting the trash and making sure every place is shining? Then this is the team for you!


We will be having fun while collecting the trash from the festival site, and this is the team that gets to drive around the site and look good doing it!

Shifts are on September 6th or 7th, approximately for 8 hours.

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This team ensures that the festival participants are fed and hydrated during the day.


We have our own foodstalls with cheap eats, for the many young people who does not have the budget to splurge on food.

We sell sandwiches and sodas, and you and your sales-buddies will be helping us serve the customers, pack the food, fill up the fridges etc.


Shifts are on September 6th or 7th, approximately for 8 hours.


We have a packed programme on our stages, and as a backstage volunteer you will help making sure the many guests (from politicians to activists, from musicians to scientist) are ready to go on stage.

As a stagehand you will help with the technique, clean-up, artist check-in, backstage work and setting up the stages.

Shifts are on September 6th or 7th, approximately for 8 hours.

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If you have further questions, do not hesitate contacting our volunteer coordinator Emilie

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